Dedicated to Helping Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka and the UK through Training and Capacity Building.

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Who we are

The UKSLTG is a registered charity in the UK, run entirely by volunteers to
support the work of our partner organisation, Samutthana, operating in Sri Lanka.

We aim to improve mental health services in Sri Lanka and to enhance the skills and clinical expertise of professionals working within Sri Lanka.

We aim to raise an awareness of issues surrounding mental health and psychological wellbeing within the local communities; improve the level of knowledge and expertise amongst health professionals through training and through capacity building; promote the development of mental health services.

25,000+ people have attended training workshops

70+ organisations supported in Sri Lanka 

Facilitated 40+ UK professionals to volunteer in Sri Lanka

Established the first Clinical Psychology course in Sri Lankan

Examples of our projects in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with Samutthãna, our partner organisation. 

Improvement Mental Health and Reducing Economic Hardship of Vulnerable Women and Communities in Northern Sri Lanka

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Promoting Service User (SU) Empowerment and Involvement in Sri Lanka

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Improving access to Mental Health Training and Supervision for Counsellors and CSOs in the Northern Districts.

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CBT Course

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