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Capacity Building

The UKSLTG is a registered charity in the UK, run entirely by volunteers to support the work of our sister organisation, Samutthana, operating in Sri Lanka.

We are a capacity building charity, offering training and workshops to cover a broad range of mental health topics, for different levels of individuals and professionals working with people affected by their mental health. We have been raising awareness of the psychological impact of trauma and a variety of mental health difficulties for two decades.

We aim to improve the level of knowledge, expertise, training and general infrastructure within mental health professionals and services within Sri Lanka.

We would warmly like to invite you to our 2020 AGM on Wednesday November 25th from 18:30-20:30 (GMT)

This has been a difficult and strange year for most of us and with Covid-19, the future is uncertain. We have to adapt and function the best we could under the circumstances. In this spirit I would like to invite you to join us in our first virtual AGM. Whilst there hasn’t been much activity in the UK, you will be pleased to know that Samutthana, our arm in Sri Lanka, is active and have manage to function despite the Corvid restrictions with webinars, hybrid training events and helping callers with the appropriate referrals. A report of these activities will be presented at the AGM. These will also be a Panel Discussion about virtual training and capacity building during the pandemic. Please click on the link to see the Agenda and zoom link to join the meeting.

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